Toni Fil OOD is engaged in the production, distribution and trade of vacuum cleaner bags, kitchen hood filter wool, accessories and nozzles for vacuum cleaners, detergents and cleaning accessories.
Toni Fil OOD is a company with over 10 years of established experience, aiming to provide its customers with innovations and good practices in hygiene.
Through the production of our brand of hygienic consumables – VACBAG, we offer you comprehensive cleaning solutions. The range provides products that make your home a cleaner and healthier place. Cleaning is no longer time consuming, and the desired results are easily achieved.
The many years of experience of the company founders allowed us to create a completely new product, uniting the huge number of models of bags offered on the market in 15 universal models of bags.
Our company is the first in the country to produce vacuum cleaner bags from a special microfilter, synthetic (non-woven) fabric. The material used, consisting of three different types of filter fabric, in combination with the method of ultrasonic gluing of the bags, guarantees excellent strength compared to the paper bag, better filters the passing air flow, maximally fills the space of the vacuum cleaner, providing longer use.

Now finding the right model of vacuum cleaner bag is quick, easy and convenient. We did this to make it easier for you – our customers and partners.

The new technologies in the production of filter materials, on which we rely, have found a solution to all problems and so we managed to remove the limitations of obsolete paper bags:
• Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technology, the problem with the bursting of the paper bag has been completely eliminated and consumers are able to use the full volume of our bags.
• Even when full, VACBAG bags do not change the filtration quality and do not slow down the vacuum cleaner.
• The large number of models has been reduced to fifteen new ones, covering over 90% of the currently used models of vacuum cleaners.
• The system of universal bags allowed to optimize the required trade space and turned the huge shelves into compact and practical colour paintings with dozens of times higher sales efficiency.
• Versatility and colour coding help make the bags easier to recognize and handle.
• Fully recyclable materials from which the bags are made, help to reduce environmental pollution and are fully compliant with the latest EU trends and directives.
• And of course most importantly, much better filtering properties lead to a cleaner and healthier life.

You can find our products in the retail chain, as well as in our company stores in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. For your convenience, you can always order our products online through our website.
Our team takes care to give the best to its customers and partners.
With VACBAG bags you live a cleaner and healthier life, saving money!


The team of Toni Fil OOD